Meet Aquarate’s Med-Tech Team

Meet the team that has  successfully navigated Aquarate through its first year of business in Med-Tech innovation. They tell us about their Aquarate Eureka moment and what they do when not working on the project. With positive feedback from NHS patients, clinicians and healthcare workers, and trials organised for February 2019 in Care Homes, the future is bright for Team Aquarate.

Rebecca Taylor, Founder & CEO

Rebecca studied Design Engineering at John Moores University in Liverpool. For her final year project she challenged herself to find a health care problem that required a design solution. Research took her to various hospitals in the North West where she observed nurses and health care professionals who were using manual fluid balance charts to record data for patients with a range of acute illnesses. There were many legitimate reasons that this data was often badly recorded and inaccurate. The whole concept of a sensor based fluid balance system started to form in Rebecca’s mind – Aquarate was born.

Aquarate Eureka Moment:

After finishing my university project, I pitched my ideas at a hackathon event. It was picked up by Olivia, who was there on behalf of Nova, and ultimately led to funding to take the project to the next stage. That was the moment I thought, ‘this is not just a good idea. This has the potential to become a resource that can help save lives’.

Proudest Personal Achievement:

Creating a business. Working full-time on Aquarate, alongside a skilled team of designers and engineers, was when I realised that this had moved from a project to a commercial business.

What Do You Enjoy Doing when not working?

Downtime is relatively rare when you are running a start-up. However, I do need to eat and like the fact that I can combine food with creativity in the kitchen – particularly when I have a glass of red in hand.

Dan Lloyd, Product Design Engineer

Originally from Birmingham, Dan also studied Design Engineering at John Moores University, Liverpool. He met Rebecca in their third year, so Dan really has seen Aquarate take shape from the earliest design conversations.
The creative force that helps conceptualise the products, Dan is concerned with form, function and material selection. He creates prototypes – anything from cardboard mock ups to 3D printed components. He literally brings ideas to life.

Aquarate Eureka Moment:

During the second cup iteration, finding a creative solution to incorporate all the necessary electronics. I knew then that this gave us a green light in terms of taking the product to manufacture.

Proudest Personal Achievement:

Securing funding and sponsorship for one of my own designs – a domestic waste system. It featured in the New Designers One Year On show in London.

What Do You Enjoy Doing when not working?

Travelling up and down the country for catch ups with friends and family. When I can fit it in I love getting to music events.

Euan Denton, Software Developer

Euan was asked to devote much of his Nova internship on the project as he has a keen interest in hardware and because of his previous experience with the development stack, the programming language and development practices used in the Aquarate products.

Aquarate Eureka Moment:

Successfully sorting out multiple Bluetooth connections simultaneously. This took a huge amount of effort and concentration.

Proudest Personal Achievement:

The fact that my software code is incorporated in a number of different Nova projects. My work has stood the test of time, with a lot of the code unchanged even after I have moved on to different projects.

Thomas de Carvalho Gross, Hardware Design Engineer

Aquarate is Tom’s first project since graduating with an engineering degree in Mechatronics and Robotic Systems. He has designed, developed and tested Aquarate’s electronics using the very latest technology.

Aquarate Eureka Moment:

Getting our first circuit board back from our manufacturer and having them turn on without exploding!

Proudest Personal Achievement:

Building a robotic hand with haptic feedback as part of my final year project at uni.

And when not at work…

I will often be found working out at the gym or socialising with my friends.

Olivia Greenberg, Business Advisor

Supporting the team on deciding the strategic direction of the company, and ensuring they reach the agreed destination, Olivia delivers a wealth of business know-how.

Olivia attended an Innovation Agency hackathon in Jan 2017, representing Nova’s digital health investment team. As soon as Rebecca did her Aquarate pitch Olivia knew she wanted to get involved.

“Rebecca’s passion and product idea really shone through. We came second at the hackathon, but I stayed in touch with Rebecca and by June 2017, Nova had invested in her business and I joined the team part-time as business advisor”.

Aquarate Eureka Moment:

In August 2018 we presented a progress update to our partners at the Digital Oversight Committee of Liverpool Royal Hospital. After the presentation, the CEO, Aiden Kehoe, was grinning from ear to ear and said that he wanted our cups in his hospital right now and that they would do what they could to speed up our schedule. I think that’s the very definition of a successful meeting.

Proudest Personal Achievement:

Finding a career I love. I’m a natural problem solver and love helping people, so helping people build businesses to help other people is a great fit for me. Oh, and of course (sorry for the cheese) 30 years together this year with my wonderful partner and childhood sweetheart.

When not working…

I get so much from yoga and meditation. I aim to spend an hour and a half daily practicing for my mental and physical health and well-being.

Aquarate – Preventing Hydration Related Illness

A huge thanks to all the other supporters involved in the first year of business –  designers, marketing, finance as well as our clinicians and healthcare workers.

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