Aquarate’s Five Top Tech Innovations

Working in a creative industry, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s new in innovative technology from around the world. We asked each member of the Aquarate team what has caught their attention recently …

Rebecca, Founder

I love these Companion Robots, Jerry the Bear and My Special Aflac Duck, by Sproutel.  Cuddly comforting companions for children diagnosed with Cancer and Diabetes Type 1. They come to life with movement and emotions, along with interactive apps to help the child come to terms with their illness.

Dan, Product Design Engineer

Voltera are producing a new way of printing onto electronic PCB boards. They won the Dyson awards in 2015 in Canada for speeding up PCB prototyping for electronic products.

Tom, our Hardware Engineer, is currently teaching himself how to use this to best advantage for Aquarate’s products.

Euan, Software Developer

IGlass AR as they are making a lot of progress in a section of the VR/AR space (Virtual and Augmented Reality) for a tenth of the price of some competitors. Apparently the results are stunning and some say it is like walking around with your own IMAX theatre on your head.

Thomas, Hardware Design Engineer

Arduino’s venture into FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays) will be a great help to new engineers. They are amazing devices that now allow the average person to create their very own digital circuits. Another advantage is that you can reconfigure an FPGA as many times as you like. This technology helps people learn to program an FPGA with a simple and familiar IDE. (Contact Tom directly if you need a translation of this!)

Olivia, Business Advisor

Aquarate of course!  Our big vision is to prevent hydration related illness, not just at the point of healthcare, but in people’s everyday lives. Better hydration has been linked to improved brain power and physical performance. Want to be a better you, drink more water, and use Aquarate!

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