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9 Tips to Keep Hydrated in Winter

In the warmer summer months it is often easier to remember to stay hydrated as we sweat and tend to feel thirsty more frequently in the heat. But do we consider our hydration as much during the cooler winter months?

Although we might not think it, staying hydrated in winter can be just as challenging …

Let’s Talk About Mouth Care Matters

I’m sure many of us have woken up in the morning at some point in our lives with breath so bad, that we’ve actually lept out of bed like an Olympic gymnast to grab that minty fresh toothpaste before anyone can notice.  

But what would happen if you were an elderly patient or resident who …

Aquarate smart cups charging on a charging mat in the background, while a close up of an Aquarate smart cup stands on the table in the foreground

Introducing Our Care Homes

If you follow us on social media, you may have already heard we’ve started our product evaluations!

“What are your product evaluations?” I hear you ask. 

Well, in a nutshell our product evaluations give us a chance to get our Aquarate Fluid Intake System – affectionately called AQi in our offices – out of our robust …

Bottles of alcohol behind a bar helping to illustrate the kind of drinking that leads to dehydration

How do Alcohol and Caffeine Affect my Hydration?

October is a busy month. Halloween is right around the corner and before it’s even out of the way, shops are already stocking up with mince pies.

Of course, in more recent years, October has also been associated with Breast Cancer Awareness month, ADHD Awareness month and National Cholesterol month, although the list doesn’t stop …