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World War’s Medical and Health Care Legacy

As we pause on the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, we remember with gratitude the great sacrifice made by a generation to secure our freedom. We also remember that through the horror of war came vital medical breakthroughs and health care advances that we are still benefiting from today. Here […]

Aquarate’s Five Top Tech Innovations

Working in a creative industry, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s new in innovative technology from around the world. We asked each member of the Aquarate team what has caught their attention recently … Rebecca, Founder I love these Companion Robots, Jerry the Bear and My Special Aflac Duck, by […]

Meet Aquarate’s Med-Tech Team

Meet the team that has  successfully navigated Aquarate through its first year of business in Med-Tech innovation. They tell us about their Aquarate Eureka moment and what they do when not working on the project. With positive feedback from NHS patients, clinicians and healthcare workers, and trials organised for February 2019 in Care Homes, the […]

Liverpool Royal Nurses Talk Fluid Balance

We caught up with Liverpool Royal’s Acute Kidney Injury nurses, Katie Rimmer Algate, Natalie Erickson, Jenni Soddern and Marie McCarthy, and asked them about the importance of accurate fluid balance management … Marie, Natalie, Jenni  and Katie, Specialist AKI Nurses Tell us about the current fluid balance system Currently we use paper charts for fluid […]

Everton Ladies Nutrition for Peak Performance

Meet Sam McHaffie, Performance Nutritionist working with Everton Ladies FC. He tells us a little about himself, his passion for sport, health and fitness and how the correct food and hydration are essential to maintain peak performance in top level sport. Sporting Vocation I grew up enjoying sport and knew that I wanted to work […]

Aquarate, the NHS and the Dawn of a Digital Age

The Aquarate team has been in hospital recently. Nothing life threatening. In fact, we are confident that the trials of our AQI fluid balance products  will lead to a life enhancing system for some NHS patients. Working alongside the stalwarts on the front line of health care, it caused us look back to where the […]